FeedConsult LLC. is an exclusive distributor of European producers of feed additives for agricultural animals in Russia.

Our partners: Patent co. (Serbia), Vetagro (Italy), MixScience (France).

We offer:

  • Highly effective feeding products for farmers from the best manufacturers of feed additives that help maximize the genetic potential of the animal and maintain health under the conditions of enormous loads on the animal body;
  • Extensive qualified technical support at all stages of cooperation;
  • Set of laboratory studies aimed at optimizing technology, feeding products and obtaining the best technical and economic indicators of breeding;
  • Training of your company's specialists on-job and with abroad visits;
  • Carefully thought-out logistics of products supply, own warehouses in the South and in the Central District of Russia with constant availability of products;
  • Competence, honesty, punctuality, best quality and prices from the manufacturer.

Cooperation with FeedConsult LLC will increase the efficiency of your farm.

We will help you:

  • balance the rations and improve the digestibility of feeds;
  • reduce the growing period and increase the weight of animals;
  • strengthen immunity and improve livestock livability;
  • increase the productivity of animals and reduce the cost of breeding.